Décolletage or cleavage, as it’s fondly known, is one of the greatest gifts women routinely give men. I cannot thank women enough for sharing their beautiful cleavage with the world.



This seems to lead to problems. Hopefully I can help clarify some areas of confusion or concern.

First – if you are lucky enough to have a bust worth sharing, do it! Don’t be shy! Men, and some women, enjoy seeing the creamy skin of a bountiful bosom. I know I certainly do. I LOVE seeing a woman who isn’t afraid to share her gifts.

Second – I’m not going to rape you for showing your cleavage, nor do I think of you as a sexual object. My first thought is that a woman sharing her cleavage has a great deal of confidence. She is comfortable in her own skin and willing to brag a bit about her plentiful breasts. Okay, yes, I do imaging what they look like naked. I’m an awful human for that. Sorry.

Third – Don’t be upset when I look. If you’re strong and empowered enough to show the goods, don’t get mad when I appraise your choice and appreciate what you have to offer. I am extremely grateful you’re willing to share and I’m going to look. Every. Single. Time. I can’t help it, I love your cleavage.

Fourth – I’m going to look. This is more for my wife who gets upset whenever I look at a woman sharing copious amounts of cleavage. Sorry, it has nothing to do with you honey. It has everything to do with the beautiful skin on display in my general area.

Fifth – I’m not going to make an ass out of myself. I won’t stare. I won’t get whiplash from turning my head to see. I will attempt to be discreet in my observation. You put ’em out there, I’ll take a look.

Sixth – if you have your cleavage on display and we are having a conversation, I promise that I will do everything possible to look you straight in the eyes. I will fail. I will falter. I will peek. That does not mean I’m not taking you seriously or that I devalue your opinion or the merit of your contribution to the conversation. I am easily distracted, especially by boobs.

Cleavage is a wonderful, wonderful thing. As a man, I am very interested in seeing your cleavage. Please understand that your cleavage is a huge distraction to me, no matter how welcome. I want to look.

You are a saint for sharing your cleavage. I am a huge fan of looking at (and feeling) boobs! Don’t be shy, share the wealth!