I’m thinking about taking The Boy to Texas Rangers Spring Training in Surprise, AZ next year. Has anyone gone and done this? What’s it like? Where do you stay?

The Boy is a big baseball fan, but doesn’t usually sit still for an entire baseball game. I’m worried that booking tickets to multiple games in a week-long span will be a huge mistake. Is there anything else to do in Surprise? Neither of us play golf, which seems like the major activity outside of baseball.

Why Spring Training

We’ve been to The Ballpark in Arlington (I refuse to call it by it’s sponsored name) many times for Ranger’s games. It’s always a good time, we love cheering for the team, eating hot dogs, getting ice cream, singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” – the whole MLB experience. Spring Training seems like a scaled down version of that where you can get even closer to the players and experience a much more relaxed atmosphere.

The Boy has said he’s up for it and would be interested. Or so he claimed in between Sky Wars battles on Minecraft. I’m just not sure. It probably wouldn’t be outrageously expensive to go. Maybe I should do some research first!

Anyway, I’m open to suggestions and ideas. What do you recommend? Help me shape that adventure!