Tuned into The Ticket this morning to find Mike Doocy filling in for Craig Miller.  I really enjoyed Doocy’s interactions with George Dunham. The morning show takes on a more serious tone with Doocy filling in for Craig. There seems to be more insightful commentary about sports going on when Mike is on the air. I definitely enjoyed the discussions about Texas Ranger’s baseball and the Dallas Cowboy’s free agent options.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Junior Miller, but for a change of pace, Mike Doocy fills in nicely. Craig brings more of a comedic foil to George’s serious sports commentary, which typically balances out very nicely.

The best part of Doocy’s visit is that he basically ignores Gordon Keith’s shtick, which powers Gordon down. Less Gordon is a wonderful thing!

Hmm, perfect morning lineup of George Dunham and Mike Doocy as the featured talent, with Craig Miller bringing the comedy? I like it and would enjoy that lineup even more than the usual morning team. What do you think? Would that morning team improve your drive? It would mine!