Yesterday I exercised my right to vote in the Primary election in Texas. Usually voting fills me with a sense of pride. It’s an honor to do my part as a citizen of this great nation.

Not yesterday. Yesterday felt icky. Voting in the Primary left me depressed. I read over the choices for President and am appalled by all of them. None of the remaining candidates impress me. I doubt any of them will do much more than piss and moan about not being able to get things done, raise taxes, and embarrass the country.

The one candidate I had a passing interest in has already dropped out – Jeb Bush. I think he would have made a decent choice, but we’ll never know.

Why are we left with so many garbage candidates? Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio  – none of them are worthy of the position.

Thinking back on some of our greatest Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Ronald Reagan, and more, I see one trait all of them had in common. One thing, regardless of party, that ties them all together. All of them wanted to bring people together with the goal of improving our country. This latest crop of candidates (and Presidents) are completely lacking in that area. All of them are too narcissistic to try and work with others. They see the Presidency as a trophy, a notch on their resume, the ultimate “F you” to their peers.

What happened to the days of great leaders? Why are we saddled with this awful group of people who will do more harm than good?

I am a registered Republican and have been since the first election I had the privilege to vote in. Now, I find it nearly impossible to defend the Republican party, my party, the party of my parents, from its detractors. The Democratic party is no better and is not a viable alternative. Both parties suck and are in dire need of new leaders and new directions.

When will people stand up and say, “NO MORE!” and force a change? Who will lead America back to greatness