Last night The Boy had a friend spend the night at our house. They stayed up super late playing Minecraft, eating pizza, and generally goofing around like pre-teen boys do. It was annoying as hell.

I’m not sure why their inane conversations got on my nerves so much, but they did. Even overhearing simple discussions about their game came to annoy me. The worst was when I was driving them to and from Cici’s for dinner. Being trapped in a confined space seemed to elevate the annoyance to new heights. I exceeded the speed limit simply to get out of the car faster.

There wasn’t anything discussed by the boys that was bad or unusual. So why did it bother me so much? It’s aggravating because I was getting good insight into the 7th grade happenings, but even so, I loathed listening to their conversation. Perhaps I’m just too used to listening to music while driving instead.

Do you experience the same thing when hauling pre-teens and teens around?