I take so many damn pills now that I’m older. I’m taking pills for blood pressure, gout, allergies, headaches, muscle pain, you name it…

I don’t remember exactly when I started taking so many pills. It’s been several years now that it started. I have a nice little pill organizer labeled with the days of the week to ensure that I take the right pills each day. Otherwise, there’s no way I’d remember at night if I took my pills in the morning. My memory doesn’t last that long.

The scary thing is, it will only get worse!I see the number of pills my dad and father-in-law take each day. Mine are easy when compared to theirs. Each morning I take my required set. For them, it’s an all day process. Certain pills in the morning, other pills at lunch, then a whole new set at night.

Are we that dependent on pills to keep us going? Is it worth it? Thinking back to my visit to “The Old Folks Home” the other day, is that where we’re all headed? Hopped up on pills, wasting away in a wheelchair? Is that where I really want to end up?

I certainly have to question that destination. Maybe a heart attack at 55 isn’t such a bad thing. One quick battle of pain, then BOOM, it’s all over. No Old Folks Home, no Medicare/Medicaid, no wheelchair, no dozen pills to maintain my “quality of life.”

Nah, pill me up! My goal is still to rent the Ford GT when I’m in my late 80’s and drive as fast as I can until I run out of road. Although, I might have to have a grandkid sign the papers and drive me by that point.