“Excelsior!” – Martin Prince

Howdy! First of all, let me welcome you to the ramblings of a reasonably sane man who is rapidly approaching that magical age of 45. Statistically I have already surpassed the mid-point of my time in this existence and am currently on the down hill slide toward oblivion.

My intention is to use this blog as a clearinghouse for my brain. I considered setting up my own subreddit or use Facebook as my tablet, but WordPress seems to work better in my Microsoft Office addled brain. Hence, here we are. I will be posting my thoughts, feelings, ideas, commentary on life, basically whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

There is no topic off limits, no plan for posting frequency, no Search Engine Optimization (SEO) objective or social media strategy in play. Essentially, this is my diary and I’m opening it up for the entire world to read. Don’t expect flowery prose or grammatically correct sentence structure, if spell check don’t find it, it won’t get fixed. Photos will be few and far between, think of this more as the crap oozing out of that lump of grey stuff squished between my ears that rests on my shoulders. Oh yeah, expect swearing if WordPress allows it.

If you have questions, send me a message or shoot me an email. You’re smart, you’ll figure out how to contact me, hopefully I’ll be smart enough to figure this stuff out enough to be able to reply!

Onward and upward!